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Dual Sport Utah’s staff has over 50 years of dual sport riding experience from coast to coast.

From the Sunday afternoon gravel road trail ride to the La-Sal Mountains for a swim and sunset by the lake to Super-cross, Baja 250 to multiple Blackwater runs and placements. 

Our local staff is dedicated to working with our customers so we can ensure the very best experience. This can range from a 1/2 or full day rental of a street legal Gas Gas EC 300 or a KTM EXC guided single track tours. We are dedicated to assisting and providing a turn key custom designed riding experience with free staff consultation.

Our mission is to meet all of our customers expectations down to the smallest details by working with them in accessing all needs, goals and skills to provide the best quality rental bikes and or tours or consulting us with a map  -  every rider is different, and we will create a custom ride and or tour and help you create a ride and memories that last a lifetime.